How do I Set Parental Controls On My iPod touch?

(From the guide, iPod Touch In 30 Minutes) Many grown-up owners of the iPod touch will lend the device to children from time to time — during long car rides, boring adult dinners at restaurants, etc. However, there are apps or other features many grown-ups probably don’t want their kids using (I’m speaking from the perspective of a father whose daughter once took detailed photos of her nostrils and upper palate using my iPod touch).

iPod parental controlsThe iPod touch has a mechanism to restrict the use of certain apps or features. It can be accessed via Settings>General>Restrictions. You’ll need to create a four-digit passcode first (this can be different than your the code used to lock the screen of your iPod touch). Once Restrictions are enabled, you’ll see a giant list of apps and features, as shown in the inset image.

By default, everything is turned on. Simply move the slider to the Off position to restrict them.

Apps and features that are commonly disabled for children include:

  • In-app purchases (used for buying extra game credits from certain games)
  • Facebook
  • iTunes app (used for buying music)
  • Twitter
  • Game Center: Adding friends

Disabling features such as Location Services or apps such as Camera will restrict any other app from using those features as well. Therefore, if you disable Camera, it will not be possible to use FaceTime, Instagram, or Facebook’s upload photo function.

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