iPod hack: Make calls from your iPod touch with the Skype app

I’m one of the many people who can’t afford an iPhone. OK, I’m a cheapskate as well. But a few years ago I discovered a neat app that turned my basic iPod touch into an imitation iPhone: the Skype app

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Cartoon: Mistakenly bought an iPod touch …

Love this Quickmeme cartoon about mistakenly buying an iPod touch: There’s an element of truth to this cartoon. The iPod touch is a lot like an iPhone. It shares much of the same hardware and software. Further, despite what Apple’s

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How do I Set Parental Controls On My iPod touch?

(From the guide, iPod Touch In 30 Minutes) Many grown-up owners of the iPod touch will lend the device to children from time to time — during long car rides, boring adult dinners at restaurants, etc. However, there are apps

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