Cartoon: Mistakenly bought an iPod touch …

Love this Quickmeme cartoon about mistakenly buying an iPod touch:

Cartoon mistakenly bought ipod touch

There’s an element of truth to this cartoon. The iPod touch is a lot like an iPhone. It shares much of the same hardware and software. Further, despite what Apple’s marketing machine would have you believe, the iPod touch is not just for listening to music, nor is it only a gaming platform for kids. It’s a powerful productivity tool, and a connection to your social and business lives. Some people even call it “an iPhone without the phone,” although as I demonstrated in iPod Touch In 30 Minutes, it’s possible to make phone calls and video calls on an iPod touch, thanks to apps like Skype, Google Voice, and Apple’s own FaceTime.

These apps are not perfect — you must be within range of a Wi-Fi signal to make calls, and you cannot take incoming calls — but even this limited functionality is very convenient. I’ve turned to Skype while traveling overseas, where my cell phone did not work, and we use FaceTime on our iTouch to connect with relatives on the other side of the world.

To learn how to leverage these great features, be sure to purchase iPod Touch In 30 Minutes.

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